Siddhi Laad

A collage of five stretched canvases on the floor along with a bowl of water, a painting brush and a rag on the right hand side.
A tripod leg showing on the right side of the image with a painting in a sketchbook in the centre, ready to be taken a picture of.
The artist's left hand holding a painting on a piece of paper for the camera. Artist is not in the frame.
A stack of paintings on the floor with studio lights on either sides.
A stack of paintings with a purple painting on the top.
A freshly made acrylic pouring painting with the reflection of a mobile phone.
A painting with a candle, a plant with orange flowers and a water bowl with brushes on the side, ready for the camera.

Recently, my friend pointed out that my usual painting setup was unique and nothing like she'd seen before. So here I am sharing it with anyone who's interested. 

I have always worked with this setup for as long as I can remember and it's most convenient to me. I like to sit on the floor and paint. So I start with placing my yoga mat on the floor where I plan to sit. Then, I place a large piece of cloth or as I like to call it 'a painting cloth' in front of me. The purpose of placing the cloth as a base is to help catch any paint that drips or splashes as I paint. I've only recently started to use it myself...after a series of mishaps and learning haha!

Lastly, I place my canvas or notepad on which I have to paint over the cloth. All my painting supplies like paints, rags, brushes and water bowl are to my right hand side with only my palette to my left.

Finally the most important part of all my painting sessions have to be snacks! No matter what time of the day I always have two or three snacks, also to my right hand side. I like to have tea or coffee while painting.

If I am going to be filming or have a photoshoot of my painting session then I change the setup a little bit. 

I like to film from the top view, just showing my painting and a little bit of the sides. I place a small plant or two to add some depth to the frame on the left hand side along with some small tubes of paint or brushes, really depends on the colours of the painting. 

When I am solely taking pictures of my paintings, I like to focus a hundred percent on the painting. I keep the frames clean and experiment with lighting to bring the paintings  to life. 

Let me know if you enjoyed reading this page and I'll post more such behind the scenes content. Thanks for visiting!

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